Titebond December

Giveaway Description

Thank you to Titebond for sponsoring this giveaway! 6 lucky winners will win the following prize package bundle worth $55 The bundle includes: 1 16oz bottle of Titebond, 1 16oz bottle of Titebond II 1 32oz bottle of Titebond III , 1 8 oz bottle of Titebond Quick & Thick, 1 can of Titebond Instant Bond Accelerator, 1 4 oz bottle of Titebond Instant Bond Thin, 1 4 oz bottle of Titebond Instant Bond Thick, 1 stylish Titebond hat and a Titebrush glue brush with silicone bristles. To learn more about these products, head over to Titebond's Website You have until December 20th to enter!

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